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All treatments carried out by Edith Tye

Who is a Harley Street trained specialist

The IPL system for hair reduction and removal

using the most advanced technology

IPL produces filtered light

at a wavelength that specifically targets the subcutaneous oil glands

What we do?

Permanent Make up

Is an enhancement of the natural features of the face, such as eyes, eyebrows and lips. This can be used for creating a completely new eyebrow shape as well as filling in or extending.

Hair Removal

The IPL system for hair reduction and removal uses the most advanced technology. The Intense Pulsed Light is absorbed by hair follicles, heating them up. As a result, the hair follicles are damaged and the damaged results in epilation.

Skin Rejuvenation

IPL is tailored to correct a skin conditions ranging from hyper-pigmented discolouration (age spots, freckles and flat pigmented birth marks) to small spider veins

Why you need to choose us?

Treatments carried out by Edith Tye who is a Harley Street trained specialist in Permanent Make-up.

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  • How does IPL remove hair?

    The Light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the Melanin in the hair. This absorption treats the hair, with the heat being transported to the nourishment structure of the hair (follicle). This is heated to 80 Celsius for a millisecond, thus destroying the follicle. Hundreds of follicles are destroyed by each flash, and the hairs then fall out in 1-2 weeks.
  • Can all skin be treated with Photo Rejuvenation?

    All skin type contain Melanin, however, it is important that the skin is not too dark.
  • Can all types of hair be treated?

    The darker the hair, the better result. White and red hairs cannot be removed using this method.
  • How do we know if sufficient treatment has been given?

    Hair Removal: In the majority of cases, there is no immediate visible effect. It is possible, immediately after treatment, to pull a hair using tweezers without pulling the skin. Also if redness appears around the hair follicle. Skin Rejuvenation: In certain cases results are immediately visible. In others, results will only begin to appear after a few hours and will only really become visible after 10 days.
  • Does it hurt?

    No, during light emission, you may feel a prickling sensation or heat. This sensation of heat may persist for several hours. In certain cases there may be a temporary redness or per follicular edema.
  • How many sessions are necessary?

    Hair: It is estimated that around 20% of hair are in their growth phase at any one time. Normally 6 sessions should be recommended, however this may alter. (4-8 weeks apart) Skin: The number of sessions depends on the nature of the lesions and size. However, it is generally accepted that an average of 6 sessions gives a good result.
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