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Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

Is an enhancement of the natural features of the face, such as eyes, eyebrows and lips. This can be Permanent_Makeup_Photoused for creating a completely new eyebrow shape as well as filling in or extending. Our eye enhancement techniques give you a defined liner making your lashes look thicker, eyes large and more striking, eliminating annoying eye make-up smudging. Pigmented lip liner will not only remain in place, but will keep your lipstick within the line, giving you a beautiful contour to the mouth. Find out more info, click here to www.rebeccasbeauty.co.uk

Consultation and patch tests are necessary! Treatments are not suitable for those who have recently undergone surgery, those on light sensitivity medication or with a light sensitive skin condition, anyone with an active tan or recently applied fake tan and anyone who is pregnant or breast-feeding.

Consultation and patch test is nessasery before treatment, appointments to be made by phone.